Monday, January 5, 2009

DIet Shakes with Appemine, As Seen on Oprah

Oprah is touting Appemine diet shakes to be the new magic of the dieting and weight loss industry. Right Size is the company that includes the ingredient Appemine in their shakes.

Appemine: Burn Fat and Supress Appetite

Appemine: Eat less and lose weight
Appemine is being hailed as magic for quick weight loss for dieters everywhere, including Oprah herself. As opposed to drugs that increase metabolism to quickly burn fat, Appemine acts as a hunger suppressent. The name even has 'appetite' in it to remind you exactly what it does. The idea is simple: suppress your appetite so you eat less, and in turn you will lose weight. Appemine, along with other drugs such as Hoodia, are coming on to the market dieters everywhere. In the news, Oprah has recently suggested it to many of her followers.

Review Summary

Appemine and Right Size shakes supplements, in particular, are primarily advertised to curb food cravings and hunger, but also that Appemine can also increase the metabolization of carbohydrates and fat. Diet pills may or may not work, so we will look at the ingredients, including Appemine, below.

Ingredients of Right Size Shakes including Appemine

According to the company website, this substance contains the following ingredients: Green Tea, Cinnamon Twig and Galangal. The ingredient list for this product is not clearly posted on the company site. While we were able to find that this product contains the above three ingredients, we are not aware if this list is a complete ingredient list.

In Depth Look at Appemine and Right Size Ingredients

Appemine contains a fairly basic formula and consists of ingredients that are commonly found in diet products on the market. Green Tea is pretty popular because it is a source for antioxidants and other essential vitamins and minerals, all of which can be very beneficial for health. It is also thought to boost energy levels, and some even claim that it can burn off excess fat as well. Though, its capabilities as a fat burner are supported more by rumor and hype then actual proof.

The other trendy ingredient in this formula is Cinnamon Twig. Like Green Tea, this ingredient is a rich source for antioxidants and is thought to provide people a number of associated health benefits. However, its weight loss benefits are not supported by current research, and we do not feel that Cinnamon is the best choice when it comes to appetite suppression.